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RuneScape is ALWAYS updated | but Buy Rs gold gets updated the manner Jagex sees that RuneScape 3 needs to be made. Old School RuneScape 2007 however is a taken call of action Jagex had to look at reintroducing back to the players differently more then half of the player base would’ve dropped to almost nothing whatsoever someday and fortunately though we now have the power with polling systems to decide what content comes in and what does not,

Jagex moderators might want to bring the smallest tweak to some content, but the problem with this is OSRS is player community based, supported now, so even if they wanted to correct something, they would have to survey it or mention it as questions in the osrs gold rsgoldfast homepages news feed to the new upgrades.

Some times they poll the glitches they would like to fix, others are ones we’ve addressed to Jagex and that they’ll someday later survey, its not like their dismissing our feedback but imagine being a Jagex moderator, its bound to be merely a 24 hour 7 days per week task of continuous working out bugs, problems, etc.. .What sport or sport provider supports daily/weekly fixes, improvements? Idk, and yes I did say DAILY, I did not accidentally type that in, Jagex is a lot busier then Nintendo, a lot more busier then Sony by far, fortnite, world of Warcraft, Minecraft, etc, these small kids games scarcely have half the accounts made on RuneScape which is over 250M (million).